De-risking investments integrally

Implementing the “Parity of People, Planet, and Profit — with Passion and Purpose” ™

Consciousness leadership in investing

Realizing full-spectrum finance and economics through stakeholder integration

One Earth – One Goal – One sustainable Future

Using capital to address the Limits to Growth for sustainable investing and economics

Building Teal Organizations from the very beginning

Integral Investing for optimal risk-adjusted financial return and premium impact return


We integrate our fiduciary goals with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments and de-risk our investments by creating integrally sustainable organizations.

De-risking Strategy

We deploy our capital for optimal, risk-adjusted financial return, and premium integral impact return. We use Integral Theory to create an integrally sustainable investing landscape.

Integral Metrics

We apply the Theta Model to de-risk our investments and to implement our 6Ps: The Parity of People, Planet, and Profit with Passion and Purpose.