We invest using our proprietary Integral Investing principles that helped us build a stellar track record


Integral Investing is based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and mandates that rigorous financial measurement criteria be closely correlated with social, environmental, governance, behavioral, happiness, and higher human values. Therefore, we provide the sustainable integration between traditional, profit-oriented, investing criteria and impact investing measurements (ESG/UN PRI, see below).

Through Integral Investing we accomplish a more efficient capital deployment with a better risk-return impact profile, a more rigorous integration of traditional investment expertise with impact investing know-how, and we generate a stronger competitive edge for our portfolio companies. Through our Theta Model, we successfully de-risk our investment by integrating our fiduciary responsibilities with our ESG/UN PRI-oriented investment activities and build integrally sustainable companies from the very beginning.

On the investees side, we enable experienced entrepreneurs and their management teams to achieve their company’s full potential while integrating their Fiduciary Obligations with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities.

We focus on major trends including climate change, demographics, and scarcity of resources. We address these megatrends by seeking to invest in energy efficiency, new mobility concepts, resources saving production concepts, transformatory technologies, as well as increased productivity, globalization, and health care.

Our main geographic focus is developed countries with premier access to top deals in Europe and North America.


Note: For details and definitions of ESG/UN PRI please refer to: http://www.unpri.org/about-pri/the-six-principles/