The Theta Model: Our Integral Investment Method

Through our Integral Investing strategy, we provide the measurements for unifying premium market returns with premium impact returns in an integrally sustainable fashion.

Our aim is the implementation of the Parity of People, Planet, Profit, with Passion and Purpose in investing. The word Parity ensures that People, Planet, Profit, Passion and Purpose receive equal attention and one is not preferred over the other.

The word People, includes the social and governance criteria as defined by the UN PRI and adds culture, happiness, and higher consciousness aspects. It includes exterior factors such as behavior and social attitudes, as well as interior dimensions such as emotions, values, needs, and other consciousness aspects.

The word Planet refers to the environmental criteria as defined by UN PRI and adds aspects of Integral Ecology.

The word Profit addresses rigorous financial measurements to ensure financial and economic sustainability.

Passion and Purpose make sure that the individual and collective interior aspects of the participating agents in the investing process are also taken into consideration.

Integral Investing is based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. Our measurements criteria include scientifically renowned measurement criteria from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT.